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With a double spring bank holiday just around the corner and, for most of us, involving a little time off work, it’s a great opportunity to spring clean your website content. Revive your website content in 3 easy steps 1)   Start with a content inventory and put together one or more lists so that you […]


Getting back into the saddle

30 December 2014

To use a well-worn phrase, life got in the way.  And it prevented me from updating this blog as often as I used to. But that’s going to change now, and I will, once again, post regular content-related updates. Fresh and new content It’s great to be back, picking up the threads of my work. During the […]


It’s the same old story. You set up a new website with – or without the help of – a designer and copywriter. Flushed with excitement about your new project, you labour day and night lavishing all your attentions (and money) on it. You can’t do enough to get your new site up and running. […]


One of my favourite shopping websites has earned itself this accolade for many reasons.  I can find the information I want without any problems, the website is easy to use, and it works. I can search for items and place orders effortlessly, secure in the knowledge that not only will my debit card details be […]


I originally had another topic planned for this week, but I stumbled across something that will be useful to everyone who provides an e-newsletter or similar online news alert service. I decided to tidy up my various email addresses yesterday, in an effort to streamline which emails go to which address: shopping emails to one, […]