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A number of new, wonderful and unexpected things have happened in my life recently – and these events have offered me powerful ways to tackle change and challenge myself into new ways of thinking. Inevitably, they’ve also got me thinking about digital content. Is your content evolving or stagnating? Whatever stage you’ve reached with your […]


Copy cat content

30 June 2015

I made a startling discovery yesterday while doing some online research. I stumbled upon a website that delivers web writing services.  But as I skimmed through the pages, many of the words and sentences used sounded very familiar; in fact they sounded exactly like the combination of words and phrases I would use… I quickly skimmed […]


Does your content leave your readers all at sea?  Is it full of holes?  By this I mean, does the content you’ve written make any sense, or does it jump from one idea to the next, saying a  lot but not doing much for the reader? It’s easily done.  Keeping with the sea analogy (but I won’t […]


On 21st April 2015 Google made a ‘mobile-friendly update’ to its search algorithms. In other words, it changed the rules and formulae used to work out the importance of web pages. The change means that the ranking or position of web pages or websites that are not mobile-friendly, will be adversely affected.  Or to look […]


I once worked on a major web project for an organisation in a highly regulated industry.  My brief was simple enough; manage and rewrite the web content and ensure it catered for the needs of the customers.  Easy. Content weighed down by jargon The work progressed well, but as the project gathered momentum, more and more […]