Spring bank holiday content spring clean – in 3 steps

With a double spring bank holiday just around the cornerSpring flowers and, for most of us, involving a little time off work, it’s a great opportunity to spring clean your website content.

Revive your website content in 3 easy steps

1)   Start with a content inventory and put together one or more lists so that you know what’s on your website and what isn’t but needs to be.
2)   Review the content on your website or blog. If your products or messages have moved on or changed since you first set up your blog or site, now is the time to ‘permanently retire’ some of your old content.
3)   If you can’t bear to delete any of the content on your website or blog but know that it is no longer relevant, archive it instead. Then put together a schedule of updates – involving rewriting the information and republishing it as new content over the coming days, weeks or months.

Tips for planning to revive your website and blog content in just a few minutes

If time is short, you could instead spend a few minutes noting down how you are going to revive your website content after the the spring break.

This doesn’t need to be a long and exhaustive list, just a headline with a few brief notes to jog your memory under each heading, and, ideally, a ‘do it by’ date alongside each entry. You can add to this list as and when inspiration strikes:

Here are some examples:

  • Update strapline on each page

Needs to fit in with new product lines and planned changes – by end the beginning of June

  • Change and update blog post categories

Too many posts in same or wrong category – by end July

  • Check for and replace ‘missing’ images

Some images have gone! Need to find new ones or repost old ones – by mid August

Now that you’ve got a rough schedule in place, work through each item – and switch them around so that you can do groups of similar tasks at the same time to save time.

I intend to do the same.

Posted by DEBBIE THOMAS 22 April 2014