Content design – and a new look

These days, the vast majority of my work entails content design, and the old website was looking a little tired, so it seemed the right time to embrace a new, minimalist look.

And with the new look comes no fluff, no padding, and few, if any images.  This is, after all, all about content.

I’ll continue to blog periodically about content, but rather than providing tips on how to write, edit and maintain your content, this blog will explore content design for government and other organisations.

What is content design?

Content design is another term for content writing and content editing but with a focus on the needs of the customer or user.

Content design works hand-in-hand with design and user experience design to provide users with the best possible online experience when applying for a government service, looking for information about government or trying to find out how something works.

Content design covers flat content and (transactional) content in digital tools.  And alongside design, it aims to deliver an intuitive user experience.

But more about that later.  So here it is, the new look and a new, sharpened focus on a niche aspect of content work.

4 October 2017